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Green Machine

It is very hot, dry and windy these days in Los Angeles and a lot of people, including myself, came down with a summer flu. The wind and dryness seem to enforce the cities general hustle and bustle – which according to Ayurveda belongs to the realm of Vata energy – and if your energy chambers are already depleted, you`re leaving the doors wide open for anything that wants to move through. So rest, replenish and make yourself a juice that will boost your immune system and help you stay healthy and cool in the summer.

The fruits and veggies in this juice are alkaline and rich in minerals. These so-called micronutritients play an essential role as transporters, synergists, and co-factors for nutrients throughout the body and are often missing in our standard macro nutrient based diet, consisting of protein, carbs and fat. Also, juicing allows for a much higher mineral density that we could ever get by blending our food like in a smoothie or chewing – which makes juicing an even greater addition to your  diet!

Green Machine

∼ 35 ounces / 1 liter∼
2 cucumbers
2 medium sized apples
2 peeld limes – skin removed
half a bunch of kale – usually about 6-7 leaves
several sprigs of parsley
severak sprigs of mint

Run all ingredients through a juicer, serve over ice and enjoy!


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