Follow your dreams.

What are you dreaming of?

Maybe you are dreaming to accomplish something?
Maybe you are dreaming to realize a specific task or project?
Maybe you are dreaming to invite certain qualities into your life?

Whether it is the relationship we want to bring into our lives, the family we wish to build, the job we fantasize about, or the travel we dream to embark on…. each and every one of us has dreams that have not yet materialized.

While some of us seemingly effortlessly shape the life they are envisioning for themselves, others need to leave feelings of doubt, insecurity and fear behind to begin to tap into their own power.

But how do we know, what we are truly longing for?

In order to know what you truly desire, it is crucial to be connected to your own intuition: this little voice in your heart, that knows with astounding clarity what serves you best. Unfortunately most times the chatter in our mind is so loud, that it overshadows our inner voice.

When I was growing up, my aunt used to tell me:
If you truly want something, it will come true.
If it doesn`t come true, it`s because you did not truly long for it.
You thought you wanted it, but your heart knew better.

She impressed me with that insight and I found it to be true over the course of my life.
Whenever I thought I wanted something, but wanted it for the wrong reasons, it did either not come true, or I had to fight a great deal for it to materialize, only to loose it again in often painful ways.

If we are not connected to our intuition, we may confuse what we think, should be good for us, with what is truly our hearts` desire. We need to relearn how to hear and listen to our intuition. Only when we are able to peel off the layers of ego, expectations and conformities that stand between us and our heart, will we be able to follow our true north.

The practice of yoga has helped me a great deal to reconnect to my intuition. Yoga asana, breathing and meditation aims at calming the mind chatter that alienates us from our true, beautiful self. Through yoga, we may see and follow our path with more clarity and confidence.

Whenever I truly follow my hearts` desire, things come my way almost effortlessly. Which does not mean that I do not have to work hard for it. But the hard work comes from a place of joy and ease, versus struggle and resistance.The next time you find yourself rigidly fighting for something ask yourself – is this truly what I should be fighting for at this moment in time? If it isn`t foster the confidence, self-love and acceptance that is needed to follow your dreams and begin to make them come true.