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Amaranth Bites

I have quite the sweet tooth and really need to hold back on sweets like cakes or cookies to not eat them on a daily basis. However I find that if I bake or produce at home I enjoy eating sweets a lot more since I am in control of the amount of sugar and the quality of ingredients used. Puffed Amaranth Bites ∼ 12 Muffins ∼ 40 gr. coconut oil 60 gr. puffed amaranth 20 gr. chia seeds 40 gr. agave nectar / honey 3 teaspoons almond butter Melted chocolate for the topping Melt the coconut oil. Mix the amaranth and chia seeds together with the coconut oil, agave nectar and almond butter. Fill into muffin mold (I prefer the silicone type) and press the mass firmly and evenly into the mold. Cool the bites in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and freeze them for about 15 minutes prior to taking them out of the mold. Slather the bites with melted chocolate and let them cool down once more.