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December Baby

This is probably the most exciting news I’ll ever share! ⠀⠀ Our little family of two is growing and we expect a baby boy in December ♡ ♡ ♡ We are beyond delighted, grateful and in awe of this little miracle unfolding.   It has been quite a journey so far… from first nervous guesses on a Sunday with no pregnancy tests available due to stores being closed, to finding out while Yaron was still on a family visit in Colombia, to intense weeks of constant sickness accompanied by emotional rollercoaster rides to a – so far – very calm and content second trimester. From what I learned, it is lovely to connect to other peoples experiences when the first baby is due so I`ll share our baby stories here in a little more detail for those of you who are interested in following this journey. Much love from the three of us ♡

Munich, here I come!

I`ve got news for you!!! After 15 months in LA it is finally time for me to come home ♡ It`s been a long time without seeing my family and all the lovely people I hold dear in my heart and I am super excited to see everyone and get to spend some time together! My grandma turned 92 in February, my youngest brother is now 11 and must have grown a ton since we last saw each other and one of my closest girlfriends got pregnant and had her son who is already 7 months old while yet another friend welcomed a little girl into this world… all without me! I can`t put the joy in words for getting to see everyone so, so soon. I`ll make my way to Munich on April 4 but will only stay for ten days before heading off to teach yoga in Morocco. I won`t be teaching during those first days in Munich but rather indulge in Brezn and dark bread and and bycicle rides and real trees and …

If you don`t like it, change it. If you can`t change it, surrender.

If you don`t like it, change it. If you can`t change it, surrender. I have only recently come to understand how powerful this concept really is. In my life so far, I have been blessed. Rarely ever did I have to face a situation that was unchangeable, and if it was, it did not impact my life in major ways. I have always had shelter, food and enough means to get by. I have never been severely ill, nor have any of my beloved family members or friends. I have lost and found love, but never felt victimized by my heartaches. Essentially, all of this is still true. With one minor change in detail: Since I joined my partner in the US, where we decided to get married and begin the Green Card application process, I have – if even only temporarily – lost major agency in some very important realms of my life. I left my home, my apartment, my family and my friends behind. I gave up all my yoga classes, be it …