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Yoga Basic Workshop

Have you always wanted to try yoga but didn’t find the right start yet? Or do you already practice yoga but want to fine tune your knowledge? In our 3-hour Yoga Basic Workshop you will explore the basics of Vinyasa Flow Yoga – from Sun Salutations to the meaning behind chanting “Om”. Vinyasa Flow is a physical, dynamic from of yoga, in which the breath is used to link one yoga posture to another in one fluid movement. We strengthen the muscles, improve endurance, balance and flexibility and close the practice with a meditation as well as final relaxation. There is no prior experience required and it doesn’t matter how fit you are – Yoga is for everybody. This workshop is the perfect introduction to the regular Yoga Basic class at YogaBee on Wednesday evening from 8:00 – 9:15 pm. Date: Sunday, September 16 Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm Location: YogaBee Price: 50 € Advertisements

A dream come true!

I have aways wanted to grow my practice and teaching so that one day I would change perspective from being a student in a Yoga Teacher Training to being a mentor. I had no structured plan for this to happen, just a vision but as always when we set our mind and intentions onto something, it sooner or later materializes. I did not expect for my dream to come true this fast though so naturally I was over the roof when Patrick invited me to join his team of mentors in his latest 200 hour Teacher Training. Patrick Broome Yoga became my yoga home in Munich over the years and I am honored and grateful for the opportunities given. We started in November 2017 and will continue until May this year, with monthly weekend intensives. I am mentoring an adorable group of 10 yogis and together we learn and grow and allow for our hearts to open and surrender and trust, brightly shining the light that resides within us. Teaching yoga is my calling and …

Prison Yoga and Meditation

I was always interested in facilitating postitive change in society and bringing yoga to marginalized and under-represented communities is a major cornerstone of my work as a teacher. With a 700 % increase in the US prison population between 1978 and 2005 and a total of 2.2 million – the largest prison population in the world – there is a huge community who benefits tremendously from the positive effects yoga has on the body and most importantly the mind. Studies support the importance of yoga and meditation on the path to rehabilitation. Not only are 60 % of all parole release who meditate still clean after two years but also the reoffending rate of meditators is up to 40% lower than that of convicts who receive only education or psychotherapy. In 2014 I attended the Prison Yoga Teacher Training led by James Fox, one of the pioneers of bringing yoga to incarcerated people in the US and in 2016 I became part of the Prison Yoga and Meditation project that teaches yoga and meditation to …