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White Smoothie

I`ve been down with a cold for three entire weeks now and my energy level is at its lowest. Subsequently I am craving sugar and comfort foods but don`t want to reach for the bad stuff. My solution: this super yummy white smoothie! It`s texture is divine, vicid and lubricating for the throat, yet completely vegan. Plus its sweetness comes solemnly from natural produce like dates. It`s a quick fix and rich enough to substitute breakfast. A real winner! White Smoothie ∼ 1 pint ∼ 1 Banana 1 Tablespoons raw coconut oil 2 Tablespoons coconut flakes 3 Tablespoons peeled hemp seeds 3 Dates A little plant based milk and water Cinnamon and / or vanilla to your liking Mix everything in a powerful food processor and enjoy ♡ Advertisements

Apple Jam

Are you looking for christmas presents to give to your loved ones but don`t want to join in the shopping craziness? Then I have the perfect solution for you: homemade treats! When I started making jams, cremes and spreads for my family and friends two years ago everyone was loving it – including myself. My kitchen smelled delicious, the house felt warm and cozy, and the decoration of the jars and cans brought out a whole new level of creativity. One of my favorite recipes and the last one in my apple series is this velvety apple jam – with just the right amount of sweetness it melts on your tongue and makes every scone or croissant oh so exquisite. Apple Jam ∼ 6 pints ∼ 6 lbs cored and chopped apples 2 cups sugar ⅓ cup Lemon Juice Core and chop apples into desired size. Put apples in a very large pot, pour 1 cup of sugar over the apples and mix well. Cover the pot with a towel and let it sit overnight in a …