Month: June 2015

Tunes for June ♪

  I use this playlist in 75  minute classes that go through dynamic sun salutations after some warm up and take it deep and slow towards the end. However, it works quite well for other set ups too. This months favorite is definitely Going Home by Ásgeir, it touches my heart every single time I hear it and when it comes up in class I always feel it gives the moment a different quality. Musica para la vida. Enjoy ♥    

The Unexpected Is Sometimes The Best.

Sometimes all it takes is diving into the unexpected. Our apartment was going to be occupied during the weekend because we were thinking that we would spend the weekend at my grandmothers house. Only – all of a sudden – we weren`t . My grandmother, who always received all of our big family, friends and even friends friends warmly in her big house, a hot soup on the stove and fresh flowers on the bedside tables, wasn`t feeling up to it. Shortly before turning 90 in February, she found herself week and anxious, something we all ascribed to the ‘big day’ but has never left her fully since. Being thrown back to the little girl I intuitively become towards her, I refused to acknowledge this new situation and the possibility of her being anything but happy with us coming didn`t even occur to me until she found the courage to tell me herself. So here we were, with no travel at hand, an empty bank account and in need of a place to stay. As …