Marah Santos


Marah was born and raised in Munich, where her passion for dancing eventually led her to yoga in her early twenties. Her fascination for yoga was lit instantly, however, yoga remained an alternative to dancing for many years, while Marah was traveling the world solo, looking for something that would satisfy her desire to move when dance studios where rare.

Having travelled Asia, Africa and the Americas, Marah fell in love with Central America, where she lived for one year shortly after graduating from school in Munich. She returned many times after, staying for months in the Caribbean while she continued her scholar education in the fields of Ethnology and Indology, with a focus on marginalized and subaltern communities.

Her scholastic knowledge and the experiences made during her travels ~ her many stays in remote areas where life is led at a different pace and with different aspirations, the recognition of solitude and quietude as comforting means to reconnect with oneself, the beauty and sensuality of nature ~ nurtured an approach towards life that is deeply related to yogic philosophy: the experience of one self as part of something bigger and deeply meaningful, which may be revealed through the practice of mindfulness in day to day life.

In 2008 Marah started to focus more intensely on yoga asana practice under the guidance of experienced and gifted teachers in Munich and France, immersing herself in Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar style classes. With her move to Los Angeles in 2012, she decided to dedicate her life entirely to the path of yoga, graduating from her first teacher training in 2013 on the Bahamas. Ever since, she is continuously educating herself and teaching in many locations such as the Bahamas, Munich and Los Angeles, where she currently resides.


In Marah`s classes, her knowledge of classical Hatha yoga in the tradition of Sivananda is combined with the fluidity and creativity of Jivamukti, YogaWorks and other flow styles, creating sequences that are joyful, fun, easily accessible and yet challenging. While she believes that correct alignment and precision are the cornerstones of yoga asana practice, in her classes she aims to bring into focus the emotional and psychological sensations that arise through the practice, making it a deeply reflective experience that allows for growth on every level.


Yoga & Bodywork trainings:

2016 | YogaWorks | RYT 500
2015 | Patrick Broome Yoga | RYT 200
2014 | Yoga Tune Up® | Level I
2014 | Prison Yoga
2014 | YogaWorks Sculptworks
2013 | Sivananda Hatha Yoga | RYT 200

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