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Workshop: Alignment Flow

Workshop Serie: Alignment Flow Nurture your body, feed your soul Guess what? I will be leading a workshop series together with this beauty at Patrick Broome Yoga Studios in Munich! Verena is not only an amazingly skilled teacher, she is also an adorable human being and together we will rock your world! In our Alignment Flow workshop series we will explore anatomical key points in the body: hips, back, neck & shoulders. In a flowing, yet alignment based practice you will tap into your very own anatomy and learn to speak the language of your body in a way that allows for healthy movement patterns not only in yoga but also everyday life.⠀ 15.9. • Happy Hips • PBY Schwabing • 2:30 – 4:30 PM 28.10. • Balanced Back • PBY City • 12:30 – 2:30 PM 10.11. • Stable Shoulders • PBY Schwabing • 2:30 – 4:30 P Price: Module 39,00 EUR, all Modules 109,00 EUR⠀⠀ For more info and bookings head over to Patrick Broome Yoga. Advertisements

Rooftop Yoga

I`ve got news for you! Rooftop Yoga is coming to Munich!!! Living in Los Angeles, I fell deeply in love with rooftops and their vibes. The sensation of being right in the heart of the city, yet feeling closer to the sky than the busy life below is enchanting to me. Due to my love for rooftops and the fact that Munich is a little sleepy when it comes to yoga events and creative places to practice, already when I was still in Los Angeles I began to envision to offer something like rooftop yoga once back in Munich. Munich is buzzing with joy of life in the summertime and everyone and everything is happening outside on any given day that is blessed with sunshine and warm temperatures, so rooftop yoga was only the next logical thing to happen. As always, when you embark on the right path, the universe provides and soon after arriving in Munich the possibility arose to make my vision come true. Starting July 20 there`ll be open yoga classes on …

Munich, here I come!

I`ve got news for you!!! After 15 months in LA it is finally time for me to come home ♡ It`s been a long time without seeing my family and all the lovely people I hold dear in my heart and I am super excited to see everyone and get to spend some time together! My grandma turned 92 in February, my youngest brother is now 11 and must have grown a ton since we last saw each other and one of my closest girlfriends got pregnant and had her son who is already 7 months old while yet another friend welcomed a little girl into this world… all without me! I can`t put the joy in words for getting to see everyone so, so soon. I`ll make my way to Munich on April 4 but will only stay for ten days before heading off to teach yoga in Morocco. I won`t be teaching during those first days in Munich but rather indulge in Brezn and dark bread and and bycicle rides and real trees and …